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Revision History

Update: Version 1.8->1.9
  • Added "Quick Scan" For Vipre Rescue
  • Added Optimize Registry (Uses NTRegOpt)
  • Added Backup Registry (Uses ERUNT)
  • Added Malware Bytes Scan
  • Added MalwareBytes Quick Scan
  • Moved Log-files into "Logs" Directory
  • Some Minor Bugfixes
  • Minor UI Changes

Update: Version 1.7->1.8
  • Added Re-prioritize System Resource Usage
  • Fixed Uncheck All Bug
  • Changed all services operations to be Win2k compatible
  • Slight logging improvements
  • Added custom services options (not yet in GUI)
  • Fixed boot time checkdisk and pagedefrag bug

Version 1.6->1.7
  • Improved Yahoo Toolbar Removal
  • Added AIM Toolbar Removal
  • Added AOL Radio Toolbar Removal
  • Added AOL News Toolbar Removal
  • Added AOL Email Toolbar Removal
  • Added Comcast Toolbar Removal
  • Added Uncheck All Button
  • Added Logging
  • Open Help on Program Startup Option

Version 1.5->1.6
  • GUI Updates
  • Better fix for windows update
  • Added "Disable Desktop Cleanup Wizard"
  • Added "Empty Recycle Bin"
  • Added drag and drop settings file to program functionality
  • New Program Icon
  • Direct Help links from GUI Functions
  • Decreased Executable Size

Version 1.4->1.5
  • GUI updates
  • Automatically save settings
  • Pass settings file through command line
  • Pass settings file for run settings in automatic running
  • Moved documentation online
  • Added "Streamline Acrobat Reader"
  • Updated "Remove Unneeded Autoruns" to be much faster, thorough, and not require a downloaded file

Version 1.3->1.4
  • New GUI
  • Windows 7 Compatibility
  • Pre-Download Support
  • Added: Fix Windows Installer
  • Added: Fix SSL/HTTPS/CryptSrv
  • Added: Fix Windows Update
  • Added: Flush DNS Cache
  • Added: Fix Windows Explorer
  • Added: Reset Windows Time
  • Added: Reset Network Interfaces
  • Added: Fix Slow Logoff/Shutdown
  • Added: Process Idle Tasks

Version 1.2c->1.3
  • Services Setting Massive Overhaul
  • Fixed File and Registry Permissions

Version 1.2b->1.2c
  • GUI Bugfix
  • Vista Support

Version 1.2->1.2b
  • Minor Bugfix
  • Allowed access of Reset File Permissions (Beta)
  • Restructured Archive

Version 1.1->1.2
  • Removed Dependency on 7-Zip
  •  Added Services Pruning
  • Documentation
  • Added AppInfo.ini for use on PortableApps based USB Drives
  • Added Command-Line Options (See Documentation.html)

Version 1.0->1.1
  • Added Step Selection GUI
  • Added Hosts File Updater (
  • Added System Restore Point Maker
  • Restructured and slimmed down code