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Win Fixes

This is a unified documentation page for all Win Fixes features.

Fix Windows Associations
Restores .exe .scr .msi .lnk .msc .reg and Windows folder execution Associations

Restore .zip Association
Restores the windows zipped folder as the default action handler for zipped folders.

Restore .txt Association
Fixes issues with new text files and makes notepad the default editor.

Fix Workgroup Detection

Fix USB Drive Detection

Fix Printer Install Errors

Fix Task Manager
Fixes "Administrator has disabled task manager" errors
-Note: this is often caused by viruses, not just admins

Fix Broken MSOffice/Outlook Links

Fix Windows Installer
This unregisters and reregisters the windows installer service
Before reregistering the service, it reregisters related dlls
It is also reccomended that you Reset File and Registry Permissions when doing this (especially if you have the "The Windows Installer Service Could Not Be Accessed" error message)

Fix SSL/HTTPS/Cryptsvc
Executes Methods 1-9 of

Fix Windows Update
Executes Steps 1-11 of
Sets the Following Settings in the registry:
  • NoAutoUpdate=0
  • AUOptions=4
  • ScheduledInstallDay=0
  • ScheduledInstallTime=3
  • NoAutoRebootWithLoggedOnUsers=1
Deletes the following stores:
  • LastWaitTimeout
  • DetectionStartTime
  • NextDetectionTime
  • ScheduledInstallDate
Forces a Windows Update Check

Fush DNS Cache
ipconfig /flushdns

Fix Windows Explorer
Re-registers objects associated with...
  • ActiveX
  • Control Panel
  • Direct X/Show/Media
  • Core Programming Libraries
  • File/Internet Explorer
  • OLE
Then restarts explorer.exe

Reset Windows Time
Stops the time service
Sets the service to start automatically
Re-registers the service
Starts the service
Syncs the time

Reset Network Interfaces
Resets winsock and winsock catalog
Resets the interface ips
Resets all network interfaces
Resets the firewall

Disable Desktop Cleanup Wizard
Sets the Desktop Cleanup Wizard not to run

Empty Recycle Bin
Deletes all files in the Recycle Bin