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This is a unified reference page for all Scans/Security Options.

The Scans/Security Tab allows you to execute scans with several popular programs.  CCleaner Cleans out temporary system files, which saves space and makes subsequent scans faster.  RegSeeker scans the registry for errors and fixes them.  Vipre Rescue is a one time scanner made by Sunbelt Software.  It is a very effective freeware scanner version of their commercial anti-virus product.  Updating the Hosts file makes your computer not see specific websites known to contain malware.

Clean out Temporary Files and Folders (CCleaner)
Downloads CCleaner
Runs with the following options...
(App)Start Menu Shortcuts=True
(App)Desktop Shortcuts=True
(App)Old Prefetch data=True
(App)Menu Order Cache=True
(App)Tray Notifications Cache=True
(App)Window Size/Location Cache=True
(App)User Assist History=True
(App)IIS Log Files=True
(App)Hotfix Uninstallers=True
(App)Custom Folders=True
(App)Wipe Free Space=False
See CCleaner's Website for more detailed information on what CCleaner does.
See CCeaner Documentation for a more in-depth description.

Registry Cleaning (RegSeeker with custom exclude)
Downloads Regseeker
Inserts Custom Exclude File
Runs with the Following Options...

Vipre Rescue Scan
Downloads VipreRescue
Runs a Deep Scan (uses their default deep scan.bat file modified with cmd /c instead of cmd /k)
Very good virus/rootkit/rogue/spyware removal

Update Hosts File
Sets the Hosts file to the MVPS hosts file
Disables the DNScache service which slows down internet connections when using a large hosts file
The Hosts file blocks many websites known to contain malware.

Malwarebytes Scan
Downloads, installs, updates, scans, and uninstalls malwarebytes anti-malware

Disable Security Notifications

Disables Security center notifications and UAC.

Remove Toolbars and Search Hooks

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\URLSearchHooks
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar

For third party entries and Deletes them (effectively disabling any installed search hook or toolbar)
Does not added search locations for the default search-bar

Uninstalls the following components...
  • Google Quick Search Box
  • Google Toolbar
  • Yahoo Toolbar
  • AIM Toolbar
  • AOL Radio Toolbar
  • AOL News Toolbar
  • AOL Emial Toolbar
  • Comcast Toolbar