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This is a unified documentation page for all performance options.

Fix Slow Shutdown
Sets the...
WaitToKillAppTimeout to 1.5 seconds
HungAppTimeout to 1.5 seconds
WaitToKillServiceTimeout to 1.5 seconds

Disables ClearPageFileAtShutdown

Note: If you have applications hanging on shutdown, you have a larger problem with those specific programs.  This treats the symptom, not the problem.  In most cases this is good enough.

Prune Autoruns
Deletes start-up entries that are unnecessary.  The internal file that it uses to determine what is unnecessary is attached to this page.
If it fits either the name, or runs that executable, then it is deleted.

Clear Start Menu Order Cache
Effectively alphabetizes the items in the start menu and favorites menu.

Reset Services to Default Values and Use Performance Settings
Modifies the start settings of services (names given by name, not displayname)
Windows 7 may require a restart for full system functionality after this function is run.
WARNING: Do NOT use performance settings on systems connected to a domain.

A copy of the program's internal ini file for determining what to set the services to is attached to this page.
Note: names on the guide are the system's names, not the display names.
Section Guide:
    [DefXP] - Default XP Settings
    [OptXP] - Performance XP settings
    [DefVista] - Default Vista Settings
    [OptVista] - Performance Vista settings
    [Def7] - Default 7 Settings
    [Opt7] - Performance 7 settings
Setting Guide:
    auto = automatic
    demand = manual
    disabled = disabled

Optimize Resource Usage
Disables the Paging Executive: Should only be done on computers with more than 512 MB RAM; Keeps DLLs no longer in use loaded in RAM until they must be cleared out to free RAM for other applications; has performance benefits when re-opening applications

Enables large System Cache: Should only be done on computers with more than 512 MB RAM; Allows the kernel to load fully into RAM, increasing windows performance

Disables Page Zeroing: Stops the OS from setting all bits in the page file to 0 before shutting down; there is a minimal possibility that a persistent and highly educated hacker with physical access to your system could use this to find out some of your activities before you turned the computer off, but this possibility is slight considering the high skill required to execute, and low payoff in comparison to other computer forensics.

Sets Prefetch options for best prefetch performance

Re-prioritizes CPU allocation to favor the process which has a window that is currently in focus

Lowers the Menu Show Delay to 150 ms: visual performance boost, but saves no system resources

DMA Mode Reset on IDE Chanels (for better IO performance on IDE devices) 

Disable Extra System Notifications
Disables the "Desktop Cleanup Wizard", low disk space messages and the Language bar

Optimize Registry
Uses NTREGOPT from to optimize the registry.

Streamline Acrobat Reader
Detects Acrobat reader installs in the program files directory
Moves the following plug-ins from plug_ins to Optional...
  • Accessibility.api
  • Annots.api
  • Checkers.api
  • DigSig.api
  • DigSig.api
  • DVA.api
  • eBook.api
  • HLS.api
  • MakeAccessible.api
  • Multimedia.api
  • PDDom.api
  • PPKLite.api
  • ReadOutLoud.api
  • SaveAsRTF.api
  • SendMail.api
  • Spelling.api
  • Updater.api
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