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This is a unified documentation page for all Maintenance options.

Schedule System File Defragementation (next boot)
Downloads the Sysinternals Page Defragmenter and schedules a scan

Defragment the Hard Drive (Defraggler)
Downloads and Runs Defraggler
Uses Options to push 150mb+ files to the outer edge of the disk for faster access
See Defraggler Documentation for more information about how it works.

Schedule Checkdisk to run next boot
Sets a one-time boot execute flag for checkdisk on the home drive (usually drive C:)

Reset File and Registry Permissions
Downloads and installs subinacl
Resets file and registry permissions so that the owner and administrators can access them
Most notably fixes issues with Windows Updates (especially service packs) failing during install

Process Idle Tasks
Tells windows to execute all processes in idle tasks queue
Has some performance benefits