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Inner Workings

This page contains detailed information on the inner workings of most of the options available in the Automated System Cleanup Tool.  If you do not need to know exactly how they work, just generally what they do, please see the Overview page.  If you want to use this in a corperate environment and need to know what this does to your computers, you are in the right place.

Notes for Corporate users:
  • Do not use optimized registry settings on computers connected to a domain.
  • This program has not been tested on any version of Windows Server, but should work on any version starting with server 2003.  Use on these platforms is not recommended for critical equipment because it has not been tested.
  • This program is free, but may not do everything that you need in your corporate environment.  If there are custom things that would like automated, feel free to contact me.  I offer automation services at a very reasonable price per program.
For articles on each specific function, click the corresponding links below.